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I’m pretty sure you heard about Dubsmash, so I will be short about the concept of the app : you record a video of yourself saying a famous (or not) quote…and the app mixes your video with the sound of the original quote. With this, you can be Gollum, Batman, Terminator, a Dolphin, Curiosity or whatever makes a sound.

What you might not know about Dubsmash is that this app is fully VIRAL.
It’s endlessly fun to record new dubs or receive crazy video from your friends.
When I say viral, I mean 18 millions users in just one month for the original app. That makes of Dubsmash one of the best launch ever recorded for an App, and the better about it ? It did not cost them a dime. Dubsmash has now more than 50M users.
No marketing campaigns, no ads : users do the work for you as they feel the urgent need to share their creations and make the app more and more downloaded.

The topic is really hot right now, Facebook and Twitters feeds are filled with Dubsmash videos, Youtube is going crazy about it… Blog, news, TV…everyone wants his little piece of this new trend.

What about you ? Aren’t you a little jealous to see that such a « stupid » app is making so much noise ? Well, I am. So I decided to make my own…and I ended up making a better app. Available right here, right now, and on the AppStore !

Want your piece of the market when it’s still hot and sexy ? Take it. You have no excuses now.
Awesome support to help you integrate the app, check out the comments.
5 stars rating, one of the best on Chupamobile !


Features and Requirements

iOS 7.1 to 8.X.
XCode 6 iOS 8.4 to compile.


How to Setup and Reskin

Follow the lead in the great documentation ! 

Change vars in config file.
Change images and IB files
And you are good to go !

In the (very unlikely) case you have a problem, just contact me, and I’ll help you. It’s my pleasure !


What’s better for the user ?

Basically, DubsFun has almost all the features of Dubsmash and MORE !

  • Users can record their own sound from the microphone. Meaning, you can watch a movie on TV, record it, and create a dub from this recording. This is the most requested feature about Dubsmash.
  • Users can extract audio from their own videos.
  • Ability to pause/resume dub recordings, just like Vine does. This is an awesome feature, since it allows users to change outfit / rooms / scene or even change the actor to create an even more crazy Dub and push the limits of the fun.

Dubsfun also includes :

  • Native iOS app sharing. Any app that can open/share videos will be able to share Dubs created by the user.
  • Local + Distant sound libraries. Meaning that sounds can be added with each new version of the app published on the AppStore…or whenever you want directly from the web, without updating the app. You have full control of what’s inside your application !
  • Favorites
  • Suggestions
  • And more…

What’s awesome for you ?

  • Add custom watermark on the recorded videos. So, basically, every shared video is advertising for your app. Free. Viral. Best ROI ever.
  • Super detailled configuration file to change the behavior of the app.
  • Super detailled ui configuration file to change the look and feel of the app. Everything is easy to customize.
  • Full autolayout : works on any ios device from 7.1 to 8.X (might work on lower version, but this is untested so I can’t guarantee it)
  • Distant sound libraries management : PHP Scripts and SQL Database Template ready to run on your server !
  • 2 application environments : DEV and PROD so you can test everything you need before pushing your updates to your users.
  • Localization ready, you just need to edit the languages files.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Ads ready: iAd/Admob banner. Admob/Chartboost interstitial. Just put your ids, activate the ads with a YES/NO var and it runs !
  • Flurry’s waiting for your ID.
  • Push notifications are waiting for your PushWoosh’s ID.
  • A complete, detailed documentation (7 pages I wrote with my little hands so you can use this project easily !)

Ain’t that awesome ? I’m telling you, it is.

If you still have questions and are not convinced yet, just ask in comments. I’ll be answering ASAP.

Have fun !







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