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Features in this version:

  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Tutorial
  4. World map
  5. Shop (in-app purchase support for Google Play and Apple App Store)
  6. Inventory
  7. Upgrade Heroes.
  8. Upgrade Items.
  9. Avatar
  10. Online reward
  11. Daily reward
  12. Ranking (top team, top arena, top level, top all heroes) (pro version)

Game Play mode:

  1. Missions mode (Player vs Monsters in waves)
  2. Arena mode (Player vs Player)
  3. Pillage mode (Player vs AI player) (Pro version)
  4. Dungeon mode (conquering random events) (Pro version)
  5. Team vs Team mode (2 players vs 2 players, 3 players vs 3 players (Pro version)
  6. Daily quest (pro version)
  7. Boss fight mode (pro version)
  8. 5 heroes join a battle ( basic version only 3 heroes)
  9. 15 heroes (only 9 heroes in basic version).

Test Links :

Web Player : Here

Android : Here


Features and Requirements

  • Language: C#
  • NGUI
  • Photon server
  • Support Unity 4.6 and Unity 5
  • SQL server 2012

The app template cannot be resold

You have to purchase a multi license , so you can keep particle effects and sound , gui.


How to Setup and Reskin

Easy to reskin, modify in config files and database

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