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startMe is the first social network project like Instagram or Twitter.

You want to create your own social network? You do not need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to make it, you can buy it directly from here and customize it easily by entering your fonts, colors, image and preferred settings.



In the package you will find:

  • The complete project for iPhone / iPod iOS 7 style;
  • All the PHP files to be installed on your web space necessary for the interface between the app and the database;
  • The SQL database’s file with all tables’s structures to import into your database;
  • All documentation to customize your own social network.



In the new version (3.0):

Added share post on facebook;

-Added “report a post to the staff” functionality;

-Added terms and condition screen.


List all the functionality would be long and expensive, as this project implements all the functionality of the biggest social networks like Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. In broad terms it is a mixture of these three social networks. In addition, it also implements the push notifications.

I highly recommend watching the video demonstration to realize all the functionality that this social network has to offer.

In any case, the application is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Explore: here you will find the posts in date order, of persons enrolled in the social from all over the world; You can also search for posts based on the hashtag or search directly for a particular person even knowing the name or nickname;
  • Following: here you will find the post instead of people you follow;
  • Share: post you can share with or without photos, filters to the image, insert a video by youtube link, choose a title and description, insert #hashtags, @usertags and URL;
  • Notifications: all your notifications will appear in this section and will be stored;
  • Profile: you can see all the information on your profile and edit them, see your following and followers, match facebook friends and users in the address book, etc.



Compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher but also adaptable for iOS 6.0





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